Times have changed, and many of us are now creating music from home. We all have the opportunity to tinker with the song as we create it. For example, you can add reverb to your snare drum with a click of a button. So as the song evolves more and more “mixing” things are getting applied to the song. By the time it’s ready to send to the mixing engineer, a lot has been done to song. That’s why it’s best to always send a rough mix of what you have worked on to the mix engineer. That gives him insight into what your vision for the song is. Another great practice is to send the mixing engineer your stems wet, (with all the effects) and dry so he can pick and choose what to use.
   Referencing other songs that are in the same genre as yours is also very important. It helps you make better creative decisions when Eq’ing or even figuring out song arrangements. Also sending the mixing engineer a few songs that you love the sound of can be helpful. That way he has a better idea of the direction you are going in. Please check the video below for a in depth discussion on the subject. Make sure to leave questions and comment below!