Mixing & Mastering Elite


Hybrid Analog/Digital Mixing, Analog Mastering, Vocal Correction, Drum Replacement, Unlimited Revisions, Plus a 1/2 hour Zoom Revisions Call if needed

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The Mixing and Mastering Elite package offers a comprehensive range of features. Let’s break down the key components included in this package:


  • Hybrid Analog & Digital Mixing: Utilizing a combination of analog hardware and the best digital plugins for a rich and nuanced sound.
  • Drum Replacement (if Needed): Substituting or enhancing recorded drum sounds with synthesized or sampled drums to improve the overall quality.
  • Vocalign: Ensuring perfect alignment and synchronization of vocal doubles to maintain timing accuracy.


  • Analog Mastering: Applying mastering processes using analog equipment for a polished and professional final sound.

Vocal Processing:

  • Melodyne and Auto-tune Vocal Tuning Correction: Correcting pitch imperfections in vocals for a more polished and in-tune performance.

Revision Policy:

  • Unlimited Revisions Included: One of the best features of the Elite package is Unlimited Revisons. Also if you would rather do revisons “in person” we can scheudle an 1/2 hour zoom session to make sure your ideas come across perfectly.


  • Major Label Deliverables: Get everything the Major Labels do. Instrumental, Acapella, Show and Clean mixes. As well as Mixed Stems which can be super hepful for remixes and show.

What’s the Difference between Pro and Elite?

The sound quality is the same. However, Mixing and Mastering Elite Service gives you unlimited revisions (1/2 Zoom meetup for revisions if necessary), Instrumental, Show, Accapella, and Clean Mix. As well as mixed stems.