Mixing and Mastering Services

Packages and presets

Our professional mixing and mastering services are at the heart of our offerings, designed to elevate your music to industry standards. Alongside these core services, we also provide an exclusive selection of professionally curated vocal and mastering presets. For those individuals looking to deepen their expertise, we offer an in-depth mixing course.

Online Mixing & Mastering

Our mixing and mastering services, provided exclusively by Matty, blend unparalleled technical skill with a profound understanding of your music’s emotional depth. With offerings that include hybrid mixing, analog mastering, vocal tuning, and drum replacement, Matty’s approach surpasses simple technical enhancements. He is committed to capturing and elevating the unique essence of each track, ensuring your music achieves a professional sound that deeply connects with listeners.

Online Stereo & Stem Mastering

We provide stereo and stem mastering options, and as a certified Apple Digital Masters provider, we ensure your music meets the highest quality standards. Collaborating closely with you, we’re committed to delivering results that bring your musical vision to life and truly resonate.

Vocal & Mastering Presets

Our vocal and mastering presets are crafted to streamline your production process, offering instant access to professional-quality sound. They empower you to achieve polished, release-ready tracks with ease.

Slate Template Mixing Course

This unique course goes beyond standard video tutorials by offering personalized interaction, including the option for Matty to mix one of your songs using the course template, and the opportunity for one-on-one sessions to address any questions about the template or your mix. It provides a comprehensive starting point with a pre-configured template covering drums, bass, music, vocals, and effects, ensuring proper gain staging for a solid mix foundation.