Mixing and Mastering Pricing

How It Works.

Purchase & Upload

Once you purchase an online mixing and mastering package, you’ll receive a confirmation email with an upload link.  Upload your stems, and we’ll take care of the rest. Check out our FAQ for more info on the best way to export your files.

We Mix Your Song

As soon as your files are received we book the session to begin mixing and mastering your song. All songs are mixed and mastered in our world-class designed studio.  Turn around time is 5-10 business days.

You Receive the Mix

Once the mixing and mastering is complete, we will send to you for approval. You get two to three revisions to make sure you are 100% satisfied!

Extra mix revisions and alternative versions, such as show and instrumental mixes,  are $20.00 each.

Mastering Packages

Stem Mastering

  • 2-5 Track Stem Mastering

  • Analog EQ and Compression

  • Stereo Widening

  • Bass Enhancement

  • Loudness Maximization

  • Text/ISRC & Album Art Encoding

Why Choose Us for Mixing and Mastering Services? 


Know Who's Mixing Your Song and Where

All songs are mixed and mastered in our professional mixing and mastering studio in Los Angeles, California. You can see the face and the place in our videos.


Ability to get in touch.

Our phone number and email are at the top of the page. When you call, we answer. Nothing is more important than being able to contact the person mixing your song. We believe in building relationships that go further than email.


Proven Track Record.

Matty’s worked with indie and major label artists for over 15 years.
You can see the credits directly on Spotify and Apple music. You can’t be successful in this business that long without doing it right.


Hybrid Mixing and Mastering

We believe in using the best of both analog and digital mixing equipment. That’s why we use some of the best hardware from companies such as Tube-Tech, Bettermaker, Avalon, and more—combined with top-quality plugins from UAD and Acustica Audio.