Stereo Mastering


This comprehensive stereo mastering service includes EQ & compression adjustments, peak limiting, stereo widening, and loudness maximization and offers two complimentary revisions.

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This Stereo Master service provides comprehensive stereo mastering for your two-track mix, encompassing:

  • Stereo Mastering: Elevating the overall quality and balance of your stereo mix.
  • EQ & Compression: Precise adjustments to frequencies and dynamic range for optimal tonal balance.
  • Peak Limiting: Ensuring that the audio does not surpass specified levels, maintaining clarity and preventing distortion.
  • Stereo Widening: Enhancing the stereo field to create depth and spatial presence.
  • Loudness Maximization: Increasing overall loudness while preserving the integrity of the audio.


Submission Guidelines
Ensure your mix is submitted in .wav format. Before bouncing the file, deactivate any applied limiting within your mix session. Providing 3 to 6 dB of headroom is recommended to facilitate optimal mastering.

Included in the Stereo Mastering package are two complimentary revisions. Typically, one round of revisions suffices to meet your expectations. However, should you require more than the included two revisions, additional revisions can be purchased for $20 per extra revision.