Slate Template Mixing Course


A Template to Start With

I created this course to be more than just video tutorials. I wanted to design a way for producers and musicians to have a starting point to build from. So the first part of the course is the template that comes with it. It has settings for drums, bass, music, vocals, and effects already setup in the template. It has settings that will ensure your gain staging is correct, which is the foundation of a good mix.


Video Tutorials that work for YOUR mix

There are four videos that come with this course.The first two are about the template and how to set up your song with it. This shows you the proper way to use it, so you get the most from it. In the 2nd two videos, I show you how I mix two different songs with it. The first song is a Rap/Pop song by Trip Carter. The 2nd song is a Country/Rock song from Garrett Gregory


Mixing Practice Files

Included in the course are the audio files for both songs that I mix in the video tutorials. That way you can take what you learned and practice with the same songs that I mix in the videos.


Options You Can't get Anywhere Else

Have you ever watched a video tutorial and said, “Yeah, that approach works great on that song but wouldn’t work on mine!”. Or have you wanted to ask questions about how the template works? Well, now you can. Along with the course, you can add the option to have Matty mix one of your song with the template! ( Only offering for people who use Pro Tools, Studio One, or Logic) Also, you can book a one-on-one session to go over the template, your mix, or anything else you might have questions with! 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not 100% satisfied with the Slate Template Mixing Course you can reach out to me within 15 days for a full refund. No questions asked. ( Refund is for the course only and not for Matty Mix or one-on-one classes) 

*** The Template is created for Pro Tools, Studio One, and Logic. (Other DAWs on the Way) You will also need the Slate All Access Pass to have the same plugins I use. ***