Stem Mastering


Analog EQ, Compression, Peak Limiting, adding Ambiance, Stereo Widening, Bass Enhancement, Loudness Maximization, Dynamic Expansion, Fades/Crossfades,
Noise Reduction, Text/ISRC & Album Art Encoding.

Extra Options



If you choose the stem mastering package you will send in the stereo stems of the 2 to 4 major components of your mix. You can send in a stereo track of your mixed music and mixed vocals. Or send in stereo¬†tracks of the mixed drums, bass, music, and vocals. This allows us to fine tune the mastering process more. Giving us the ability to change the music to fit the vocals better or, make the drums hit a little harder. If your not 100% happy with your mix, but don’t want to hand the mixing over to someone else, this is a great package for you to choose.


  • Stereo Mastering
  • EQ & Compression
  • Peak Limiting
  • Stereo Widening
  • Loudness Maximization

When sending a mix to master, please send as a .wav format at whatever sample and bit rate you recorded it. Make sure to turn off any limiting you have on in your mix session before bouncing. If possible we like to have 3 to 6 DB of headroom for mastering.