The Role of Producers and Songwriters

In today’s episode of music biz Monday, we are going to talk about the role of producers and songwriters. These are the people who write the music and lyrics for the songs you hear on the radio everyday. So let’s jump right in with the role of the producer.


The producer can have two roles. If there is a band he will play the part of the 5th member. (assuming we are talking about a 4 piece band.) George Martin and the Beatles would be a great example of this. In this case the producer will be in the studio to give feed back , and make sure the band stays on track. The role would be when the producer makes the music. A great example of this would be Timberland or Mike Will Made it. In this case the producer is more of a beat maker. The producer may or may not be in the studio when the songs recorded. Yet he/she will have final say.


The songwriter can also wear a few different hats. The songwriter can write the music and lyrics or only one. In the traditional sense the songwriter will write the chords and melody. Usually with a guitar or piano. In modern music the songwriter can is called the topliner. This is when the songwriter and beat producer get together to write a song. The producer will provide a beat. The songwriter with “topline” or sing a melody over it.
In the video I go into depth about the two roles. Make sure to check it out and gives a call for your mixing and mastering needs.