Top 10 Mixing and Mastering Blogs

We are lucky to live in a time that so much information is available and free for the most part! When I first started, the only way to learn how to mix and master was from going to school, interning ( which I still think is the best way to learn) and reading magazine’s like Mix. Now we have online training courses, private classes, workshops, and tons and tons of blogs. If you want to figure out how a effect was made all you really have to do is type the question in YouTube. The most important key to mixing and mastering is to never stop learning. So here is my list of the top 10 mixing and mastering blog that I check out every week.

  1. Pensado’s Place – To me this one started the revolution of people sharing more information on mixing. Dave Pensado is one of the best mix engineer’s of our time. Every week he interviews one of the great’s in the music industry.  He also does he’s “Into the Lair” segment where he shows you some of the technics he’s learned over the years.
  2. Sound On Sound – This is a British magazine that is worth subscribing too, but the website has plenty of information to digest. I love the Secrets of the Mix Engineer section. They interview a engineer and go over the process they went though to mix a current hit song. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from theses articles alone.
  3. Sonic Scoop – This is a site my bud Justin runs. It has a nice mix of lessons and interviews. It’s rare that I don’t learn something when I check this out.
  4. Pro Tools Expert – If your a Pro Tools user, this site is a must. First of all, they review every plugin known to man. They  a great podcast, and any and all information related to Pro Tools updates. For logic users they also have the Logic Expert website.
  5. Attack Magazine – This blog is gear towards EDM producers. However what I have found is I’ve learned some of my coolest tricks from EDM music. Make sure to check this one out, especially if your a producer.
  6. Pro Studio Live  – This site is a pay site. They have a few free video’s but you can subscribe for only 10 dollars a month. Totally worth the price of admission. They interview engineers and go though a session or two. I’ve learned a ton from the Bob Horn video, as well as the mastering video with Colin Richie. So much more to discover and for new engineer’s the compressor lesson is really worth checking out.
  7. Maat Hotep – This is a youtube page. I’m not even sure if this guy has a website. However, tons of great interviews with engineers, songwriters. producer’s and more. Really good stuff.
  8. PureMix – This is another paid site but they do have quite a few free video’s. The Andrew Scheps and Ryan West video’s are pure gold.
  9. Audio School Online – This is a site run by Ken Lewis. He’s a super talented guy who has worked with Kanye, 50 Cent and many more.  This site is a paid site as well, but you can buy just the lesson’s your interested in.
  10. Production Advice – This is the blog of mastering engineer Ian Shepherd. For those interested in mastering this is a must read!

So there you have it. The Matty Trump top ten pro audio mixing and mastering blogs. Please let me know which one’s your checking out! I’m always interested in learning more!