I gotta say I love Soundtoys plugins. I use them every day when I’m mixing and mastering. The Decapitator is amazing for adding everything from a little weight to full-on distortion. The Echoboy is a complete legend and is heard on countless hit records every day.

Let’s dive and examine some of Soundtoys all-star lineup.


The Decapitator is a saturation plugin. Saturation can be used to beef things up, add warmth or change the sound altogether.  The plugin comes with 5 different “styles”.

  • “A”, is modeled after the Ampex 350 tape drive preamp.
  • “E”, is modeled after the Chandler®/EMI® TG® Channel.
  • “N” is modeled after the Neve® 1057 input channel.
  • “T” is modeled after Thermionic Culture® Culture Vulture® triode setting.
  • “P” is modeled after Thermionic Culture® Culture Vulture® pentode setting.

Each style has a tone that’s all it’s own. I tend to use the decapitator on Drums, Bass, and Vocals. I tend to use the A and E style the most. Check out some examples in the video below.



The Echoboy is one of the most famous delays there is. The reason being is it’s super easy to use, yet very versatile. It comes with a whopping 30 plus styles. It including famous models of vintage delay units such as the memory man, Echoplex, DM-2, and TelRay. But also includes new sounds such as Splattered syle which is one of my favorites to use on vocals.

Watch the video below for more. I demonstrate how I use the Decapitator and Echboy, as well as my other favorites MicroShift, Crystallizer, and Filter Freak. You can see other ways I use Soundtoys plugins in my 3 favorite delay plugins blog post as well.  If you’re interested in having me mix and master your song please check out my mixing and mastering prices.