Overloud is an audio plugin company based in Italy, best known for making emulations of sought-after analog hardware. They are somewhat new to the audio world, but their plugins sound fantastic.

When I saw that they released the Echoson I was super excited. The Echson is a replica of a Binson Ecorec 2.

The Echorec 2 was manufactured by Binson between 1961 and 1979. It is best known for its use on Pink Floyd records.

The unique signature sound of that echo machine was due to the usage of an analog magnetic drum recorder instead of a tape loop, and to its particular electric circuitry.

The magnetic drum had four record/play heads. The echo machine allowed the user to select which ones of those heads were recording, and which ones playing. At the output, the processed sound was a variable complex and dense texture of echo reflections with a characteristic timbre for the fading sound decay.

Although the Echoson can be a bit complex to set up, once you start turning knobs the plugin comes to life. Overloud also gives a great set of presets to get started.

Check out the video below for the full review and to hear audio examples.