When I was a kid the first effects box I ever got was a boss digital delay pedal. My friend Ryan and I saved up every cent we had, and on a trip to NYC, we bought it at Manny’s. ( The famous music story that sadly just got torn down) When I saw the positive grid bias fx plugin, it brought back memories of that pedal. We used that pedal on everything vocals, bass, drums you name it. I checked out the demo and started making some really creative vocal effects. It’s super fun to just throw all kinds of pedals on the vocal track and see what you can come up with. So I made a video showing the creative vocal effects I made using the positive grid bias fx bundle. As a bonus, if you want to download the presets I made and use them on your song you can download them here.


Video Transcript

Today, I’m going to go over this new software I got, Positive Grid Bias FX. They make a bunch of plugins for guitar players but I’ve started using it a lot on vocals and some synths. When I was a kid, the first FX box I ever got was this little digital delay pedal that me and my friends saved up for and we loved it. We put it on everything and it was such a fun thing to play with.

When I saw that this bundle has just about every guitar pedal there is it got me excited. I started playing with it and found all these great vocal FX I could use. It’s got a bunch of choruses and vintage delays in it as well, that would usually cost you a lot more.

I thought it’d be cool to show you what I’ve been doing with it.  It’s a cheap way for you guys to get a ton of FX real quick.

We’ll go through it and I’ll show you four examples I got on this rap song I’ve been mixing.

The first one’s a modulated slap delay I made. Just a little bit of chorus. So, this is like the old BOSS Roland chorus pedal that they had a long time ago and a lot of guys use it in mixes and then I put a little delay on it. So, you can switch the beat per minute on the pedal boards, which is great and so this is just an eighth note delay. Then you’ve got your feedback, the level of the delay and then it’s got tone, which is cool, analog to digital and it shapes it in that way.

It really widens the vocal and makes it stand out and I use slap delay on rap vocals all the time and so, with a little modulation it makes it even cooler sounding.

The first one is … just open it up. So, we’ve got this delay here, which is this the Positive Grid delay. I’m not sure which pedal this is but it’s cool because it has a little chorus on it and then once again, you’ve got the beat per minute you can switch, so the delay is … like this one’s a quarter note delay.

Then this goes into this little kind of modulation phaser pedal and I just put a little bit of speed on there and intensity.

Then a reverb, which I used the room setting on and then finally, just the EQ on the way out. I used the low cut and the high cut on there, just to kind of filter the delay out, so it doesn’t kind of get in the way of the vocal too much.

So, let’s play this one.

So that’s cool. I use that kind of phaser delay a lot lately and this next one we’ve got.

So, add EQ, I filtered the low … basically, I low cut it like 500 into a delay. Now, this is their kind of ping-pong delay and the cool thing about this is it goes left, right, center, left, right, center. Which, some ping pongs just do left, right. So, it’s kind of a cool, cool effect the way it does that and it’s got repeat and the overall level on it.

Then I sent it to this Moog modular plugin. Then it goes to this Positive Grid overdrive distortion pedal, which I’m sure guitar players know which one this is, I don’t; and then out to the EMT 140. That’s what it looks like to me. A recreation of that reverb. The plate reverb.

 If you want to add any FX, you just go to this little plus sign, add FX and this will pop up and you got gates, compressors, boosts, drive with all the distortion pedals, EQ with a bunch of different EQs, modulation, which is … there’s tons of choruses and phasers and pitch shifters and all that stuff here, flangers, then tons of delays. They’ve got this cool reverse delay. I’m still kind of trying to figure out how to implement it into a track here. They’ve got the old Roland delay, which is really cool and echo tape, which is Echoplex I assume and then a couple really cool delay pedals; and then the reverb. They’ve got a couple of Spring-Verbs. Like I said, I use the other one, the EMT plate, and a couple other just random reverb pedals.

So, it’s got tons of stuff as you guys can see. So, this last one I used, the Roland 201. They don’t call it that but that’s definitely what it is … delay, tape delay. Into this chorus. I like this chorus a lot because it has a mix knob, so you can kind of blend how much chorus you want in there and then I use this old-school pitch shift pedal and pitched up a fourth and a fifth and then it’s followed up with a reverb. So, let’s check that one out.

I’ve been using this a ton. Thought it might be cool for you guys to see all the stuff you can do with it and like I said, it’s a cheap way to get a ton of really good quality FX.

Let me know if you have any questions. If I can, I’ll try to share the presets I got here on the link below and hit me up if you’ve got any questions.

If you need your songs mixed and mastered, hit me up as well. Thanks.