I’m a sucker for all in one mixing and mastering plugins.

So when the Brainworx Masterdesk came out, I was one of the first to download the trial.

This plugin is an all in one Mastering chain. I think its geared towards the home studio owner who needs to polish off a mix so it can compete loudness-wise with songs on the radio.

It’s super easy to use. First, you turn up the Volume knob to get to the specific loudness you are aiming for. It suggests bringing the VU meter between 8db and 6db. Next, you dial in the “Foundation.” This is basically a large treble and bass knob. The last step is to adjust the “Tone Stack” for any fine-tuning.

After that, there are a host of other detailed adjustments you can make. Such as:

Four different compressor settings one being the most aggressive and four being a bit more relaxed.

A THD (total harmonic distortion) knob to bring a bit more presence and loudness to your mix.

A M/S section with a mono maker and stereo enhancer. The mono maker is great for getting all your low-end in the center which can make for a more robust mix. And the stereo enhancer can make your mix sound wider by turning up the side information.

A De-esser to cut back any high-frequency transients.

And lastly, a Resonance filter section which is my favorite part. It has four frequencies you can cut that tend to be spots that have unwanted frequency buildups in a mix.

Overall I think this plugin will be helpful for artists and musicians who want to get a quick demo master. I might use it at times on some of my mastering projects too. Check out the full video tutorial below and you download the demo here.  As always, if you need your songs mixed and mastered feel free to hit me up.