Today we have something super special. It’s the Antares Auto-tune effect plus. It’s a regular auto-tune plugin that you can tune your vocals with, but the real special part about this plugin has to do with the effects. It has a vocoder, doubler, filters, pitch modulation, and all kinds of special effects. It also has another feature called auto-motion. This allows you to create sequences from your vocals and give it the effect you hear on a lot of EDM records.

Check out the video below for the full review!

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Video Transcirpt

what’s up guys matt here mixing master
my song calm today we have something
super special
it’s the Antares auto-tune effects plus
now it is a regular auto-tune plug-in
that you can tune your vocals with but
the real special part about this plug-in
is the effects side of it it how has
vocoders doublers filters pitch
modulation all kinds of different
special effects to make your vocals
sound like an alien or you know some
crazy filtered thing whatever you want
to do with it really really cool stuff
it’s also got another feature called
Auto motion which allows you to create
sequences for your vocal it gives it
kind of that EDM sound where a vocal
sounds more like an instrument than a
vocal so anyway we’re going to go over
all that today before we do get started
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out let’s go alright guys so here’s a
song we’re working on it’s 5:00 my
buddies Emily and Adam they just
released the CPU that I the pleasure of
mixing and mastering and what I’ll do is
I’ll put the link in the description
below if you want to check them out
really really good music and here is the
new auto-tune effects plus so what does
God is the regular auto-tune that you
you would get more so in the access
plug-in than the Pro it’s it’s a bit
limited and the auto-tune features but
you get rid tune speed humanise and then
you can pick the key in the scale you
want as well as the input type it also
works with the auto-tune key plug-in
which can help detect the key of the
song and if you’re interested in that
stuff I’ll put a link to my access
review in the description and above here
right now
but the real special part about this is
the auto-tune effects part and the
part so let’s go through this auto-tune
effects first what it is is a bunch of
different effects that you can put on
the vocal and it will give it all kinds
of sound like you know vocoders and
doublers all the effects can be ad
accessed through this patch of section
so you have a bunch from Ataris
themselves then you have a couple artist
presets – from Jeff Rona and Mike Dean
and Richard Devine so let’s check out
Antares ones first and let’s go to the
vocoder actually before I play that
let’s just play her vocal by itself just
with regular tune on it so you can hear
just what the vocal sounds dry basically
so you can hear that when we turned it
up we got it real hard too and we
actually didn’t even use auto-tune on
her vocal for the mix but need it for
the hood for the demonstration here so
let’s turn on one of these vocoders and
see what it sounds like now
pretty crazy now you have a vocoder now
some of the notes been differently and
that’s you know just you’re gonna have
to adjust your retune speed to get it
right but you can also change all these
effects that populate here you see when
we when we pick a new one the effects
populate differently well they won’t
hear because they’re all vocoders but
and you’ll see when you click here this
little XY section changes so for the
vocoder you can switch the Center speech
this way and the vocoder mix that way so
now let’s play it and mess with this a
so you can get really crazy with it you
can switch the filter here so if you
wanted to filter it out
and you can turn them on and off as well
too so tons you can do with this and the
vocoder is really great like I said you
just got to play with it to get it to be
perfect so pretty pretty cool to have
vocoder beetle pull vocoder right up
like that now then it’s got these other
ones so there’s extreme effects tube and
amp effects pitch and throw it a ssin
tons of stuff to do wet ones I really
dig you can get like a double or effect
a double vocal effect just by using this
so let’s check out this tight double
boom right away it sounds like a double
and if it’s a little too affected you
have a mix knob up here you can dial it
back a bit
so super cool stuff and then you also
have these other ones like Mike Dean’s
one of my favorites he’s got his ad-lib
plug preset in there
so as you can see with this the effects
are endless on what you could do with
your vocal and there’s a lot to dial in
I do wish that they made it so you could
pick your own effects right now you have
to go through the patches section my
feeling is they probably have auto-tune
effects Pro coming out that you’ll be
able to do more so stuff like that but
who knows we’ll see but yet you know
even just with this there’s so much you
can do to make the vocal sound really
unique and different so let’s switch off
from this one and check out the auto
motion section now I’m using a different
vocal for that because I found with just
like a singing vocal it didn’t work out
so well but I think it’s more for like
if you’re gonna actually make an effect
for this so so here’s this this ad-lib
part right I’m gonna mute the main vocal
and just let you hear the ad-lib by
itself just so you can get a gist of
what we got and let’s loop that and now
so we switched to out of motion section
still got our key B minor and now you
have this trigger mode you have patterns
and then you have your effect style so
you can switch it from hard tune soft
tune or legato this is you know more of
an auto tuning effect this is more
natural effect you have your tempo over
here which you can either have host
sinker or just free I always host sync
it if you have the tempo into your
session and then you can change the
timing of sixteenth notes eighth notes
and you’ll see how that affects this
once we play it then there’s a pattern
section and so what this is doing is
creating a pattern of notes with the
vocal and there’s tons of different ones
we’ll scroll through and lastly here is
the trigger mode so this pattern is that
this button here is what happens when
you play the pattern now you can either
turn it on and off like live if you’re
doing automation there’s a toggle which
when you click it on and will stay on or
click it off and then there’s Auto where
it just stays on the whole time so let’s
set this try it we got this try
sitting here hard tuned I’m gonna play
it for you so you can hear what it’s
doing that is cool let’s hear it again
and just so you can remember what it
sounded like before so completely change
that sound and now you can use this as
an instrument you could chop it up dude
chop stuff and and there’s this endless
ideas you can do I’ll let you hear a
couple of the different ones this octave
up and down it’s kind of cool you got
drill hole I mean this changes the fold
with a pillow completely so super cool
effects I mean you could probably spend
your whole day just messing with this
plugin in vocals I think this is not
going to be only great for just mixing
it stuff this is gonna be a huge plugin
for producers and beat makers who want
to use their vocal as part of their beat
and can do all kinds of thing with a
vocoder with the Automotion section so
super cool cool plug-in they kind of
blew me away with this one I wasn’t
expecting this to come so really really
cool make sure to check out the demo and
if you need your songs mixed and
mastered hit me up a mix and master my
song calm you can also find my courses
and mixing presets there as well see you
next time