Acustica Audio’s new Viridian Module is amazing! It is an analog emulation of a few different units. The Mic Pre’s emulate the sought after V72 Pre’s as well as the Pre’s of the EQ and Compressor sections. The EQ Emulates a Helios 69PK EQ, a Helios 69TR EQ and a German Mastering Desk. The Compressors emulate a Helios F760, a Helios F700 LWT, and a Pye 4060 Compressor.

As much as I love the EQ and Pre’s on this plugin the compressor is what stands out the most to me. I feel like Acustica has finally arrived when it comes to compression. These compressors sound amazing! I find myself reaching them often, which is always a good sign to me.

Check out the full video review and examples below!