There are a million and one tape plugins nowadays. All of them have their unique abilities and characteristics. In today’s video, I show off the lastest, Acustica Audio Taupe. This plugin has over 40 samples of different analog tape machines. Including iconic ones such as the Studer A820, Otari MTR, Ampex MM1200 as well as some rather interesting tapes including cassette and ADAT. ( No idea why anyone would ever want to revisit ADAT’s but still cool that they added them.)

Also included are three different EQ’s as well as a compressor. The Equalizers come from some rather well-known models. The MCI JH-500, MCI JH-600, and the Studer 900. When I first saw that they added an EQ and compressor, I wasn’t very excited by it, but after using the plugin for some time, I find them to compliment the tape very well.

Overall this plugin is fantastic. It sounds more like real tape to me when comparing it to some of the competition. Make sure to check out the demo at Acustica Audio and watch the video below for the full review and to hear it in action!

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