Acustica Audio Cream is an amazing plugin. It gives the classic console sound that was made famous at studios such as Abby Road’s back in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

This is a great plugin to use for both mixing and mastering.

The plugins divided into 3 sections:

  1. The Preamp has 5 different flavors so to speak. A Vintage British transistor-based solid-state recording and mixing console, and a Vintage Valve Tape Recorder made in the UK. The console has 2 preamps to choose from (mic/line) and the tape pre has 3. Both give you different flavors all be it subtle.
  2. EQ Section – The EQ section comes from the Vintage British transistor-based solid-state recording and mixing console as well. It is mostly comprised of boosts and cuts at fixed frequency positions. Watch the video for a full breakdown of each band.
  3. The Compressor – This is by far my favorite part of the plugin. I really how the compressor reacts and beefs up a source. It consists of two models. Model B comes from a ‘70s British solid-state recording and mixing console. Model C comes from an early ‘60s British modification of an American ‘vari-μ’ vacuum tube compressor. I tend to like Model C the best.

Check out the video below for a breakdown of all three sections, and to hear it in action. If you would like to demo Cream you can check it out at Acustica Audio’s Website. Also, if you’re a fan of Acustica’s plugins, make sure to check out my reviews of Ruby, and Water as well. And as always if you need your songs mixed and mastered please reach out.