If you haven’t noticed yet, I really like Midi Controllers. I’m constantly on the search for a way to stop using my mouse. I find turning knobs helps me to listen more and look less. I feel if we are looking at the frequency we don’t listen as much. I was so impressed with my Softube Console 1 that I wanted to find a way to control all my plugins. So after searching around, I found the DJ TechTools Midi Twister. Since programming MIDI is so simple with Studio One, I thought I would make a video on how to use DJ TechTools Midi Twister with Presonus Studio One.

It’s straightforward to set up. First, you download the MIDI twister software from DJ TechTools. The software will allow you to program what each button or knob does. You can make the push buttons toggle or use it as a simple on/off switch. I use it to bypass plugins for the most part. Next, you set it up as a MIDI controller in Studio One. Then, you have Studio One learn the knob and switches with the super easy to use MIDI Learn feature. The final step is going through each of the plugins you want to use and programming them. It might sound harder than it is, but I go over how to do in detail in the video.

Implementing this into my workflow has been super easy. I drag the plugin to the track I want to use it on and start twisting. It’s so great to reach for a fader with my fader port 8 and then turn the EQ down with the twist of a knob. I almost feel like I’m working on a console again. Now I just need a bigger desk to put all these controllers. Hope you enjoy the video and let me know if you have any questions.