Exploring the Magic of Slate Digital & Murda Beatz’s “Murda Melodies” Plugin

Hey everyone, Matty here! Today, I’m super excited to share my experience with a groundbreaking plugin from Slate Digital and Murda Beatz called “Murda Melodies.”. Let’s dive into what makes this plugin so tick.

First Impressions

Right off the bat, the “Murda Melodies” plugin impresses with its sleek interface and intuitive design. It’s evident that a lot of thought has gone into making this plugin not only powerful but also user-friendly for producers and mixers alike. The plugin is packed with a variety of knobs and features, each offering unique effects to enhance your tracks.

Exploring the Features

Unique Features

  • Dimension: Adds a room-like ambiance.
  • Motion: Brings rhythmic modulation, adding energy to your beats.
  • Ice: Introduces a shimmery, high-end bright reverb.
  • Heat: Offers saturation, a well-known effect for warmth.
  • Wobble: Creates a tape-like, wobbly sound.
  • Reverse: A quick way to add an eighth note reverse effect.
  • Rhythm: Features an eighth note delay.
  • Clarity: Brightens up your mix with a high EQ.
  • Ensemble: Thickens your sound, similar to a chorus effect.
  • Pitch: Allows for quick pitch adjustments, including a jitter effect for pitch shifts.


The first feature that caught my eye was the ‘Spread’ knob. It’s pretty standard in many plugins these days, but it does a fantastic job of making things wider and more immersive. Next up is the ‘Dimension’ knob, which adds a subtle room-like ambiance, giving your tracks a more live feel.

The ‘Motion’ knob introduces rhythmic modulation, adding energy and dynamism to your beats. For those looking to add a bit of sparkle, the ‘Ice’ knob is your go-to, offering a shimmery, high-end bright reverb.

Then there’s ‘Heat,’ which, as many of you might know, is all about saturation. The ‘Wobble’ knob is another standout, adding a tape-like, wobbly sound that’s quite popular among producers, reminiscent of the RC20’s capabilities.

One of my personal favorites is the ‘Reverse’ feature. It applies an eighth-note reverse effect, which is incredibly handy for quick reversals in a mix. The ‘Rhythm’ knob adds an eighth note delay, perfect for creating depth and space in your tracks.

The ‘Clarity’ knob is another gem, enhancing the high frequencies and brightening up the mix. And lastly, the ‘Ensemble’ effect thickens the sound, akin to a chorus effect.

Slate Digital Murda Melodies

Slate Murda Melodies

Pitch and Filtering Capabilities

The ‘Pitch’ knob is a standout feature for beat makers. It allows you to quickly pitch up or down without needing a separate process. The added ‘Jitter’ function offers a unique twist, shifting the pitch by up to two octaves.

The inclusion of a high-pass and low-pass filter is a thoughtful addition, especially useful for producers who frequently manipulate their beats.

Putting It to the Test

I first tested ‘Murda Melodies’ on a vocal track. The plugin’s impact was immediately noticeable, adding layers of texture and depth with just a few adjustments. The modulation effects, from the panning of ‘Motion’ to the chorus-like ‘Ensemble,’ transformed the vocal into something extraordinary.

Moving on to a melody, the plugin continued to impress. With each tweak, the melody took on a new character, showcasing the plugin’s versatility. The presets are also worth mentioning – they’re incredibly well-crafted and offer a great starting point for experimentation.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Slate Digital and Murda Beatz’s “Murda Melodies” is a powerhouse of a plugin. Its ability to quickly transform melodies and vocals is unparalleled. Whether you’re a producer or a mixer, the range of effects and ease of use make it a valuable addition to your toolkit.

For more information and to get your hands on this plugin, check out Slate Digital’s website.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on “Murda Melodies.” In the comments below, let me know how you plan to use this plugin in your productions. Until next time, keep creating and exploring new sounds! For outstanding online mixing and mastering services, visit us.