FabFilter plugins are some of my favorite plugins. I could mix a whole song just using their plugins. So, in this case, I did!

I used only FabFilter plugins to mix this beat, show off how great the plugins are, and make a point. You don’t need hundreds of plugins to make a great mix. You need a handful of good ones.

I started the mix with my stereo bus. I always like to have that going first, and I like to be pretty close to the final loudness that the record will be. ( DUDE, YOU MIX WITH A LIMITER ON!?!?) Yes, I do. I want to hear what the limiter is doing to the drum transients as I mix. That way, I can change things as needed to make the drums pop. I used my smile preset from my fabfilter mastering preset package. 

Next, I worked on the drums and bass using saturation, compression, and EQ. Followed by the percussing and music elements.

I hope you enjoy the video!