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A Experienced Mastering Engineer and High End Analog Equipment.

Mastering is the final piece of the puzzle when finishing your song. And while it’s the mastering engineers job to add compression, EQ, and overall volume maximization we like to take it a few steps further here. We offer free mix advice as part of our mastering services. That way we can ensure you have the best possible mix so you can get the best possible master. So if you’re looking to get a single mastered or a full album mastered, rest assured we will do everything it takes to guarantee your 100% happy with the master. ¬†Feel free to reach out with any questions about mastering or album deals.



Stem vs Stereo Mastering

Mastering Engineer and High End Analog Equipment.

Stem Mastering

Stem Mastering gives the mastering engineer more control over the master. By picking a stem mastering package it provides Matty the ability to EQ, Compress, Widen, and shape the overall sonics with much more precision. He can even add subtle effects such as reverb and delay to give the song more depth and space.

Our stem mastering packages come in two flavors. The stem master 1 package allows you to send a music track and a vocal track. This helps to level out the vocal with the music, as well as add some light effects and eq. The result is a much clearer balance and vocals that stand out in the mix. Stem Mastering Package 2 allows more control and is helpful for busy mixes. With this package, you send the Drums, Bass, Music, and Vocal Stem. (You can also send the effects return stem if you have it) This gives Matty the ability to apply parallel compression, frequency specific EQ’ing, warmth to the drums and bass while keeping the vocals pristine and clear. Reach out to us if you have any questions or are interested in discounts for a full album

Mastering Packages

Stem Mastering

  • 2-5 Track Stem Mastering Analog EQ and Compression Stereo Widening Bass Enhancement Loudness Maximization Text/ISRC & Album Art Encoding