How to Create Future’s Vocal Effect Chain

In today’s video, I will show you how to create Future’s vocal effect chain. In the recent SoundonSound magazine, they interviewed Seth Firkins. Seth has worked with future since the beginning. In the article, Seth talks about his’ origins and how he got started working with future. What you will find interesting is not much is done to the music as far as plugins go. Many of the producers future works with have beats that sound great already. Most of the mixing was spent on vocals.
Seth says that when recording, Future raps through autotune. They record his vocals with a U87 Mic, Neve 1073 Mic Pre, and a Tube-Tech CL1B. This vocal chain is common amongst rappers. Seth then breaks down the plugins he uses. It starts with an avid delay set to 1/4 notes and then goes into the MCDSP Analog channel. He uses the analog channel to control some dynamics and take harshness out of the vocal. Following that is the avid EQ, Renaissance Compressor, Waves de-esser, dverb , avid flanger and another de-esser. A really cool vocal chain that Seth says he uses all the time. If you are a Pro Tools user and would like to buy the chain you can do so here:!

Check out the video to see the settings and hear what it sounds like!