In the realm of music production, the quality and versatility of reverb plugins can significantly enhance a track. The Bettermaker BM60, a new offering from Plugin Alliance, promises to deliver exceptional reverb effects. This article reviews the plugin’s features, usability, and sound quality, providing insights into why it might be the reverb plugin you didn’t know you needed.


The Bettermaker BM60 is inspired by the Lexicon PCM 60, a revered reverb unit from the 1980s. Known for its robust performance, the PCM 60 was a staple in many studios, particularly favored for drum processing. The BM60 aims to recreate this iconic sound in a modern plugin format, making it accessible to today’s producers.

Features and Controls

The BM60 boasts a straightforward plugin designed for ease of use. Key features include:

  1. Input, Dry/Wet Mix, and Output Controls: These allow precise adjustments to the reverb’s impact on the audio signal. The input control drives the reverb effect, the dry/wet mix balances the original and processed signals, and the output control adjusts the overall level.
  2. Algorithms: The plugin offers two primary reverb algorithms – plate and room. These settings emulate different acoustic environments, providing flexibility in sound design.
  3. Size Adjustments: Users can select from small, medium, medium-large, and large reverb sizes, tailoring the effect to the specific needs of their track.
  4. Bass and Treble Controls: These settings extend or shorten the reverb time in low and high frequencies, respectively, allowing for further tonal shaping.
  5. Pre-Delay and Width: The pre-delay control adds a short delay before the reverb kicks in, creating space in the mix. The width control adjusts the stereo spread of the reverb effect.
  6. Mono Output: This feature allows the user to mono out the low end, ensuring a more focused bass response.
  7. Ducker: A dynamic control that reduces the reverb level when the input signal is present, ensuring clarity in busy mixes.

Practical Application


In the video, I highlight the BM60’s performance on drum tracks. When applied to a clap track, the plugin adds significant depth and space, making the drums sound more vibrant and lively. The ability to fine-tune the reverb’s characteristics ensures that it complements the rhythmic elements without overwhelming them.


The BM60 also performs well on vocals. The reverb adds warmth and space to vocal tracks, enhancing their presence in the mix.


The Bettermaker BM60 is a highly effective reverb plugin, particularly for drums and percussion. Its user-friendly interface, combined with its versatile controls, makes it a valuable tool for both novice and experienced producers. Those with a Plugin Alliance subscription will find this plugin a worthy addition to their toolkit, capable of bringing new life to their mixes.


For those interested in exploring the capabilities of the Bettermaker BM60, it’s recommended to:

  • Experiment with different settings to fully understand its range.
  • Use the plugin on various instruments to discover its versatility.
  • Engage with the community for additional tips and best practices.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, the Bettermaker BM60 reverb plugin stands out as a powerful and user-friendly tool. Its ability to enhance drums and vocals makes it a must-have for producers seeking to add depth and character to their tracks. With its roots in the iconic Lexicon PCM 60, the BM60 successfully bridges the gap between vintage sound and modern technology. If you need your songs mixed and mastered, please feel free to reach out!