The 5 Best Free Mixing Plugins for Home Studio Producers


As a mixing and mastering engineer, I know that mixing tracks to sound professional requires high-quality plugins. However, stock DAW plugins can only take you so far, and third-party options often come with hefty price tags. That’s why every producer is on the constant hunt for the best free mixing plugins that can give professional polish on a budget.

In this comprehensive review article, we’ll be covering 5 of the most versatile, great-sounding free mixing plugins I recommend. From surgical EQs to character compressors, these free gems offer immense value at no cost. Let’s dive in!

DMG Audio Track Control

The aptly named DMG Track Control plugin offers a Swiss-army knife of mixing utilities, making it incredibly versatile across a wide range of applications.

DMG Audio Essentials Uses

This plugin shines for quick mid-side balancing between elements, stereo width adjustment, phase correction, high-pass filtering, and delay throws. The simple interface belies its usefulness on everything from vocals to drums to synths. I use this plugin a ton when I need a quick utility fix.

Who Is DMG Audio Essentials For?

Due to its functional nature and clean sound, this plugin suits all experience levels working in any genre. It’s particularly great for home studio producers looking to polish and widen their mixes.

Melda Productions MAutopan Panning Plugin

While Melda Production sells a full-featured paid version, The free panning plugin provides immense creative options with hardly any compromises.

Melda Audio Panning Plugin Uses

This plugin truly excels at creating hypnotic, rhythmic auto-panning effects. By drawing LFO curves to control the panning motion, unique movement can be added to guitars, synth leads, hi-hats, and more.

Vocals also benefit from gentle panning to create a wider stereo image. I use this a ton on rap ad-libs with complex panning.

Who Is Melda Audio Panning Plugin For?

Any producer wanting to add width, space, and interest to static sounds will benefit. It’s especially useful for hip-hop, electronic, and pop styles.


Slick EQ by Tokyo Dawn Labs

While Tokyo Dawn Labs offers many free gems, Slick EQ stands out as Matty’s favorite free EQ plugin thanks to its rich vintage vibe and silky top-end.

Slick EQ Uses

With parametric bands plus high/low pass filters, Slick EQ excels at surgical tone-sculpting of any audio track. I especially love it on vocals, where it adds sheen and presence without harshness.

The three modeled analog flavors also work great for adding character during mixing or mastering. Guitars benefit from gentle low mid-boost, while synth basses shine with some high-end sparkle.

Who Is Slick EQ For?

Its rare blend of character and precision suits any producer wanting both vintage warmth and modern precision across instruments, vocals, buses, and the master fader.

TDR Kotelnikov

This transparent compressor shines when gently gluing a mix together during mastering. But the included presets also make it handy for controlling dynamics on drums, vocals, or any track.

The soft knee mode and parallel dry mix prove useful for smooth enhancement of ballads and acoustic material. The RMS mode option catches low-level detail effectively.

Free Mixing Plugins Pricing

As mentioned throughout this review, one glorious benefit of all these mixing plugins is that they don’t cost you a dime!

The developers offer them as free downloads to showcase their capabilities in hopes you’ll upgrade to the full paid versions.

But impressively enough, these free mixing plugins offer such immense usability that you could potentially complete full production work without paying. Now that’s value!

Of course if you rely on them heavily and want to support the developers, upgrading to the full premium versions is encouraged. But for budget home studio producers, these free gems can’t be beaten!

FAQ’s About Free Mixing Plugins

Are free plugins really usable for serious mixing?

Absolutely! Many free plugins now offer impressive sound quality nearly on par with paid options. Handle them skillfully and nobody would guess your polish comes from freebies!

What’s the catch with free plugin downloads?

Often free plugin downloads serve as unlimited demos hoping you’ll pay to unlock the full features. But even the free versions alone offer so much value. Just be prepared for occasional popup reminders to upgrade!

Where can I download the best new free mixing plugins?

Developer websites like Tokyo Dawn Labs and DMG Audio offer direct downloads. Large retailers like Plugin Boutique also host many trustworthy free and paid plugins. And don’t forget to ask other producers for their secret weapons!

Do I Recommend Free Mixing Plugins?

As both a budget producer myself and one catering to clients, I absolutely recommend arming your studio with a robust arsenal of free mixing plugins.

The options covered today represent only a fraction of the immense value being offered for zero cost. If leveraged skillfully, free plugins genuinely can deliver professional sound quality and creative options without spending a dime.

Just don’t underestimate how much finesse it still requires to achieve polished mixes! But equipping your studio with free gems will ensure the only limit is your mixing ability, not your wallet.

Conclusion & Key Points

Thanks for reading my in-depth review on some current best free mixing plugins as recommended by Matty from Mix and Master My Song!

To recap, here are the key takeaways:

  • Carefully chosen free plugins can compete with costly options for mixing and mastering.
  • DMG Essentials, M-Audio Panning, Slick EQ, and Free Mastering Compressor offer immense creative value at no cost.
  • Used tastefully, they help polish amateur mixes to professional standards without overprocessing.
  • Support plugin developers by upgrading to paid versions once you rely on certain free gems.
  • Keep hunting forums and communities for the next generation of quality free releases!

I hope this breakdown helps you make informed choices finding the best free mixing plugins for your music production needs. Feel free to reach out with any questions!