The new Auto-Tune Pro is really amazing.

The main new feature is Auto-Key. The auto-key feature auto detects the key of the song and sends it right to the tracks with Auto-tune on it. While it doesn’t pick the key of the song with 100% accuracy it’s is correct 9 out of 10 times. This will be really helpful for new musicians who are still learning. (Check out how to figure out the key here.)

They also brought back a “Classic” mode. The auto-tune sound that was made famous by artists like T-Pain, was created with Auto-Tune 5. When the next version came out Antares made some tweaks to the algorithm and it lost some of that sound that people loved. So now you can click classic mode and get that sound back!

Lastly, the user interface has gone over quite an overhaul. It really looks like a whole new plugin. It is much more streamed line with a simple interface at first. However, you can click advanced and get into the more detailed parameters.

Download a demo of the new Auto-tune  from Antares Website. Check out the full video tutorial below. If you ever need help tunning your vocals check out my services here.