Everyone and their mother uses auto-tune these days.

However many people might not have the musical training needed to find the find the key of a song.

There are a few simple ways to do this! (Update: Auto-Tune Pro now comes with a key detector check out my full tutorial here.)

A great program that many engineers I know use is mixed in key. You drag and drop your music, and it spits out the key of the song. Usually with pretty good accuracy.

The way I have always done it and you can see in the video below is by process of elimination. I think it’s an excellent way to start learning your scales as well if you don’t know them. Auto-tune has all the scales mapped out for you so you can see what’s sharp and flat in the key.

So I start playing notes and listening to see which ones fit in the song and which ones don’t.

Before you know it, you should have a good list of which notes work and which ones don’t.

Then you can figure out the key that works for the song.

Pretty simple trick huh? Check out the video for a more in-depth tutorial and as always if you’re interested in mixing and mastering your song, make sure to check me out!


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