Today I’m going to review another EQ controller. If you’ve watched my channel long enough you know I’m a big fan of controllers. I keep buying them and selling them over and over again. For instance the SSL uc1, it’s a great controller but it could only control one plug-in.  The other factor was it had a bus compressor and eq controller which is great but I don’t use the SSL bus compressor so there’s a big eq control in the middle of my desk that I never used Also, I want to be able to use more than just one can plug-in if it’s going to be a controller this big.

The other controller that I still have and use from time to time is the Softube console one. That’s a great controller, you can control a bunch of different plugins from both universal audio and Softube but the problem is it doesn’t work well when you’re using pro tools like myself.

So in comes the Rocksolid Audio Control strip 2. This thing looks like a mini SSL EQ channel strip and it works with not just one SSL plug-in but every single SSL plug-in that’s out there. You can use the waves plugin, you can use the Plugin Alliance SSL 4000 and 9000. It also works with a host of other plugins so for me this seems to be the ultimate eq channel controller.

So let’s get into it. In the video I’ll show you how to set it up, I’ll show you some of the plugins it works with and I’ll give you some of my thoughts on the pros and cons of working with this eq controller.

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