Mixing and Mastering Courses

Need help learning to mix? We have lessons and courses to help.

Online Skype Lessons

Learn to mix and master one on one.

Online mixing and mastering courses are great, but it can only take you so far. It’s hard to get individual questions answered when you can’t interact with the teacher. When you purchase a skype class it gives us the ability to dial down on the problems you’re having with your mixing.  The options are endless. We can go over current mixes your having issues with, or I can show you specific techniques to achieve the sound you’re looking for. Click the link to book your first lesson!

Mixing Critiques

Have a professional critique your mix.

Sometimes you have a mix you’ve worked on that you like but your not 100% happy with it. You don’t want to pay a professional to mix the song, but you wish you could get some notes on how to make the song sound better.  I’ve had many clients request me to do this for them, so I thought I would finally offer it as a full service. When you purchase a mixing critique you will receive a 10 to 20-minute video of me critiquing your mix. I will tell you what could be improved, what sounds great, and creative ideas I might have to make your song 100%. Book your critique now!

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