Hey there! In today’s blog post, I’m excited to take you on a virtual tour of my mixing and mastering studio, where all the magic happens. From the carefully designed acoustics to the impressive array of gear, I’ll walk you through every aspect of my creative space.

The Heart of It All: The Acoustics

First and foremost, let’s talk about the heart of my studio—its acoustics. The room itself is the canvas upon which I create my sonic masterpieces. It was meticulously designed by the renowned acoustician John Brandt. What’s mind-blowing is that this studio was built in a garage, and we had to work with the existing dimensions. Yet, John’s expertise ensured that the room boasts an impressively flat frequency response, with only minor variations of plus or minus 5 dB in a few frequencies. Massive bass traps, with the front wall boasting six feet of insulation and the back walls featuring four-foot deep traps, play a crucial role in maintaining the room’s acoustic integrity. The cloud above my head not only adds a cool aesthetic touch but also aids in reflecting frequencies.

The Keys to My Sound: The Kii Speakers

Now, let’s dive into the speakers. I’ve had the privilege of working with various speakers over my 20-year career, but nothing quite compares to the Kii Three speakers. What sets them apart is their exceptional ability to translate sound accurately across various listening environments, from car systems to headphones. With their unique design featuring four subs—two on the sides and two at the back—the Kii Threes manage to create a controlled bass pattern that minimizes room interference.

Mounted on sturdy Northward Acoustics speaker stands, these speakers are effectively isolated from the room, ensuring pristine sound quality. I also have a couple of other speaker pairs—Focals and Cali Audio speakers—that provide me with diverse perspectives during the mixing process. Sitting at the back of the room, away from screens, and solely listening to my mixes on these speakers has proven invaluable in picking out nuances that often elude me when I’m hunched in front of a screen.

The Core of Control: My Control Surfaces

When it comes to control surfaces, I’ve tried them all. But for a Pro Tools user like me, Eucon offerings have proven to be the best. You’ll find the Avid Dock on my desk, a versatile device that lets me control effects and EQs, serve as a fader, and my monitor controller. It’s seamlessly integrated with Soundflow, adding a whole new layer of functionality to my workflow. The Avid S1, sitting next to it, is my go-to for quick adjustments during drum mixing sessions, allowing me to tweak individual drum levels effortlessly. Then there’s the Rocksolid Audio Micro 4K, which I’ve customized to control various plugins, including SSLs and reverbs. And let’s not forget the Stream Deck, a handy tool for managing all my Soundflow actions.

The Sound of Clarity: My Aurora(n) Converter

For crisp and transparent audio conversion, I rely on the Aurora(n) converter by Lynx Studio. This 16-in/16-out Thunderbolt interface effortlessly handles both analog and digital signals, making it a perfect fit for my diverse setup. Its reliability is unmatched, and it is always ready to perform without a hiccup.

Analog Adventures: My Rack of Treasures

Now, let’s explore my analog gear racks. To my left, you’ll find a collection of boutique gems that add warmth and character to my mixes and masters. The Avalon 747 is my go-to for adding a touch of warmth to thin-sounding tracks, be it in mastering or on vocals. The Weight Tank by Locomotive Audio, a newer addition, offers versatility with its “round” and “drive” options, perfect for bass and vocals. The Tube-Tech HLT 2, a beautiful mastering EQ, never fails to enhance the richness of my audio. The HendyAmps  Pollock is an Optical Compressor that uniquely colors my mixes and masters.

The Silver Bullet: Louder Than Liftoff’s Magic

Speaking of magic, the Silver Bullet by Louder Than Liftoff is the latest addition to my arsenal. This unit is a game-changer, delivering warmth, energy, and grit to anything that passes through it. It’s become my secret weapon for adding character to mixes, especially on drums, bass, and vocals.

Better Sound, Better Maker: My Right Rack

On my right rack, you’ll find the BetterMaker mastering chain, including the iconic PulTec EQ. I often use this chain on my mix bus or for mastering, as it brings a certain warmth and expansiveness to the audio. The Better Maker Mastering Compressor, with its three different compressor options, finds its way into not just mastering but also drum and vocal processing. Lastly, the Master Limiter, a longtime companion, still makes occasional appearances when a mix needs that finishing touch.

Immersive Sound: The Dolby Atmos Corner

I have a set of Syng speakers dedicated to Dolby Atmos mixing and pure enjoyment in my entertainment room. These speakers, with the ability to create 7.1 or even 7.1.4 configurations, provide me with a fantastic way to ensure my Atmos mixes translate perfectly to different environments.

That’s a wrap on the tour of my studio! I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into my creative space, from its meticulously designed acoustics to the diverse array of gear that fuels my passion for music production. If you have any questions or comments about my room or any of the gear I’ve mentioned, please feel free to share them in the comments below. And if you’re interested in having your song mixed or mastered in this studio, for best audio mixing services don’t hesitate to reach us .

Catch you soon!