Acustica Audio Plugins are some of my favorite plugins to use for mastering. They actually sample the hardware they are emulating, so you get a real authentic sound like you were running your music through the hardware itself.

I use at least one Acustica Audio plugin when mastering music. It gives me a sound I can’t get seem to get with any other software.

In the video below, I will show you my process of mastering a song using Acustica Audio plugins.

The first plugin I use is Coral Baxter EQ, an emulation of the Dangerous Music Bax EQ. This is a great EQ for broad strokes, and it has fantastic filters.

Next, I use the Azure 2 EQ. This is an emulation of the Knif Audio Soma. I use this as my main detail EQ. It is a clean EQ yet sounds expensive at the same time.

Lastly, I use the Howie Weinberg Mastering Console. The HWMC plugin could actually be used for the full mastering session. It is an emulation of the full chain Howie Weinberg uses when mastering. In this case, I use it for a bit of clipping and the final limiting.

If you are interested in having me master one of your songs you can find out more information here.