Is Waves Silk Vocal the Soothe 2 Killer?

I’m thrilled to introduce Waves Silk Vocal, in the video below. This innovative tool dynamically reduces vocal resonances, enhancing clarity and overall sound quality. While other plugins like Oeksound’s Soothe2, and Smooth Operator by Baby Audio, offer similar processing, Waves’ approach sets Silk Vocal apart.

waves silk vocal

waves silk vocal

Exploring Silk Vocal’s Interface

The plugin’s interface is divided into three distinct frequency sections – low, mid, and high. Each section permits dynamic reduction, allowing users to finely tailor their adjustments for pronounced alterations within specific frequency ranges. Covering ranges from 20Hz to 300Hz (low), 300Hz to 4K (mid), and 4K to 20K (high), Silk Vocal provides a broad spectrum for meticulous tweaking. Moreover, resolution adjustments expand flexibility by extending the upper limit up to 16K, ensuring precise control.

Advanced Features for Precision Control

Within the middle band, users can fine-tune frequency adjustments, gaining precise control over affected ranges. The inclusion of a “headphones” icon facilitates frequency soloing, aiding isolation for more focused tweaking. Notably, the high band’s capabilities, acting akin to a de-esser, offer options to switch between bell and shelf shapes, effectively managing sibilance.

Tailoring to Different Vocal Types

An exceptional feature is the plugin’s adaptability to various vocal types, allowing users to select between male and female vocal modes. This adaptability enables Silk Vocal to customize its processing to suit the nuances of the chosen voice, enhancing its uniqueness and tonal quality. Additionally, Waves has integrated an overall dynamic compressor after EQ processing, akin to the renowned Rvox, providing straightforward yet effective compression.

Enhanced Customization Controls

Waves has gone the extra mile by incorporating additional controls for refined tweaking. These include a 60Hz high-pass filter, speed adjustment for the dynamic equalizer, and a precision knob for bell frequency adjustments. The gate knob is a powerful tool for eliminating post-processing unwanted noise, while the mix knob facilitates seamless blending of processed and unprocessed signals.

Practical Application and Vocal Enhancement

The true testament of Silk Vocal lies in its ability to refine vocals, enriching clarity and dynamics. However, it’s crucial to exercise restraint, avoiding over-processing that might compromise the natural liveliness of the vocals. Balance is key – maintaining the essence of the original performance while enhancing its brilliance.

Silk Vocal Conclusion

Waves Silk Vocal stands as a powerhouse, offering an all-in-one solution for vocal processing. Its affordability, coupled with a feature-packed design, makes it an irresistible choice for creators seeking efficient vocal enhancement tools. Share your thoughts and experiences with this remarkable plugin in the comments section below!

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