McDSP recently released a huge update to their plugin bundle. 

Bringing updated GUI’s for all plugins, M1 support, New features for most products, including the ability to invert phase, as well as over 1500 user presets. 

With this update, I thought it would be a great time to talk about 3 of my favorite McDSP plugins that I use in my mixing and mastering process. 

So let’s get into it. 

First on the list is the McDSP MC404. This is a multiband compressor plugin. It’s basically 4 bands of the compressor bank plugin from MCDSP. 

It has everything you would expect from a multiband compressor with some extra features. One is the bite control.  Bite controls is the amount of transient signal that is less affected by the compressor.It also has two release options as well as auto release 

Where I use this plugin the most is on vocals. Jaycen Joshua hiped me to it. It’s a great way to tame the lower muddy mids and harshness in the higher mids. 

I usually only use the two middle bands and adjust till it feels right 


Next on the list is the Futzbox

This plugin can destroy any audio file but in a good way. It uses distortion, EQ, and a noise generator to dirty up your sounds.  

However, my favorite part about this plugin and the reason I use it the most is the Sim section. You can put a vocal for instance through all kinds of devices. Glass Jars, Speakers, Toys, and my favorite, cell phones. This is my go-to plugin for that cell phone speaker effect. 


The last plugin I want to share with you is the EC300. 

This is one of the most versatile and slept-on delay units. It comes with three different delay types Magnetic, Digital, and Analog. Each section is loaded with features such as ducking, high and low pass filters, modulation, and even my favorite sim mode. 

I tend to use the Digital mode the most creating a delayed phone effect just like I would do in Futzbox. 

Please watch the full video to hear all the plugins in action, and let me know your favorite in the comments below!
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