We all know that I am a super fan of Presonus Studio One. ( You can see the reason I switched from Pro Toos to Studio One Here.) So when they released Studio One 4, I was like a kid waiting for Christmas. But after it was released, I felt like the kid who didn’t get all of the presents he wanted. However, there are plenty of super features in this release.

If you are a producer, beatmaker or songwriter, Studio One 4  is an amazing release. They added tons of new synths, as well as chord recognition and a host of other great features.

For a guy who mixes and masters every day it was…. meh. I love that we got import session data as well as notes, but can we PLEASE get pre/post fader metering and a tape stop?

So if you want to hear me rant and rave more, check out the video below for 3 Hits and Misses in Studio One 4