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Online Mixing

Mixing is the process of taking each element of your song and blending it to make one cohesive piece. It includes adding EQ, compression, reverb, delay, and a host of other processing to enhance the sound.  Matty mixes every song in our acoustically designed room with precision monitoring from Barefoot and Cranesong. We use only the best analog hardware and digital plugins from companies such as Dangerous Music,  Avalon, TK Audio, Overstayer, Bettermaker, Universal Audio, FabFilter, Slate, Waves and many more. If you’re unsure if your song needs to mixing, mastering, or both, watch the video below to see the difference between mixing and mastering. Feel free to email or call anytime with questions about our online mixing services.

Online Music Mixing

Analog and Digital Mixing

Our Mixing and Mastering Packages.

If you’re working on your first mixtape or mixing a full-length album we have an online mixing package for you. All of our packages come with the same basic elements; analog and digital mixing and mastering by Matty as well as vocal editing and vocal tuning. The variation for the first 3 packages really come down to track count:

  • Mix and Master Stereo – Stereo Beat and 20 vocals or less.
  • Mix and Master Pro – Instrumental track outs and vocals with 40 stems or less.
  • Mix and Master Elite – Instrumental track outs and vocals with a unlimited  stem count.
  • Mix and Master Live – This where the real change comes. We found that although sending your song in to get mixed and mastered works great most of the time, sometimes you can’t beat being at the mixing session. So thanks to some great software, we now offer live mixing where you can listen, see, and talk to the engineer.  This way you can “sit in” with Matty and give your input from the comfort of your own home or studio. (Please note once you purchase your Mix and Master Live package we will contact you to book the day that works best for you and Matty.)



  • Stereo beat & 20 vocals
  • Mixing
  • Analog Mastering
  • Basic Autotune
  • Two Revisions*



  • Full Mix/Under 40 Stems
  • Mixing
  • Analog Mastering
  • Auto-Tune & Melodyne
  • Two Revisions*



  • Unlimited Tracks Count
  • Mixing
  • Analog Mastering
  • Autotune & Melodyne
  • Two Revisions*

Extra mix revisions and alternative versions, such as show and instrumental mixes, are $15.00 each.

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