Waves 2-Track Beat Booster


What does it Do?

The Waves 2-Track beat booster is a preset that allows you to make your stereo beat instrumental bigger, fuller, and more punchy in a matter of minutes. Quickly adjust the Transients, Sub Harmonics, Compression, Saturation EQ, and width quickly with one preset that does it all. 


What plugins do I need?

You only need 6 waves plugins as well as the free studio rack plugin in order for the preset to work. The plugins you need are Smack Attack, PuigEQ, Rbass, Center, and CLA Mix Down.  



Does it work with my DAW?

The preset is a Waves Studio Rack Preset. So as long as you have the free waves studio rack plugin you can open it in any DAW. Just click open preset file within the studio rack plugin, and import the file. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If your not 100% satisfied with the Waves Vocal Preset collection you can reach out to me within 15 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

*** The waves plugins are NOT INCLUDED in the purchase. You must have the plugins in order for the preset to work.