Hip-Hop Mixing Course

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What’s included: 

  1. Matty’s Mixing Philosophy – Plugins are exciting, but if you don’t have a plan going into your mix you’ll have no chance. The first part of the course is Matty’s mixing philosophy. We discuss the psychological side of mixing and how to use your left and right brain at the same time.
  2. Mixing the song from start to finish with Waves Plugins– Matty mixes the song from the start to finish using only waves plugins. Discussing the reason he’s using each plugin as he mixes.
  3. Matty’s Commercial Release Mix –  Matty walks you through the whole mix again, this time showing you the plugins and techniques he used in the commercial mix that was released.
  4. The Multitracks for the Session – Get the multitracks to the song so you can practice mixing yourself at home.
  5. Waves Mixing Template – Get the same waves mixing template that Matty uses for his mix.

1 review for Hip-Hop Mixing Course

  1. T. Irvin

    Matty is a beast! He brings tons of value on this mix tutorial with tips and tricks that are easy to apply in addition to the mindset and philosophy that will help you approach mixing in a better way. I’ve also used Matty’s mixing services many times and he always delivers high-quality mixes. Great guy and easy to work with! Respect.

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