In this Video, Matty talks about his favorite vocal EQ, the FabFilter Pro-Q3, and demonstrates how he uses it to enhance and fix vocals. He starts by explaining how he uses a low-cut filter to remove unwanted low-end frequencies and then proceeds to demonstrate how he uses a tight cue to remove muddy frequencies around 200-500Hz. He then switches to dynamic EQ mode and uses it to clear up parts of the vocal he doesn’t want.

Matty also mentions that he always uses the FabFilter Pro-Q3 in natural phase mode and explains how he sometimes boosts the high frequencies to add brightness and energy to the vocal. Finally, he demonstrates how he uses dynamic EQ at around 10kHz to tighten up the sibilant sounds in the vocal.

Overall, Matty’s use of the FabFilter Pro-Q3 demonstrates how a skilled mixing engineer can use a single tool to achieve different results in their mixes. By removing unwanted frequencies, tightening up the vocal sound, and boosting specific frequencies, Matty can create a more polished and professional vocal sound.