Mixing and Mastering Reviews

Using an online mixing and mastering service can be nerve-racking. You have no idea what you are going to get back, and you can’t sit in on the session to make sure you get what you want. Many of my clients have told me stories about how other online mixing and mastering services just didn’t deliver what was promised.

Mix and Master my Song has a 95% returning client ratio. I make sure every client is 100% happy with their music and take great pride in the art and craft of mixing and mastering. I believe that I’m extremely lucky to do what I do, and I don’t take it for granted. Take a chance to read some of our mixing and mastering reviews.

I’ve been in a lot of studios, but never have I found a better online mixing and mastering service than with Matty and his site. Matty is the real deal. he has mixed all of my LP’s and as an independent label owner, I appreciate the competitive pricing.

Cam Meekins

My music is very personal to me. There are a very small group of people I trust enough to hand the keys over to them. I’ve worked with Matty over a decade now and he is one of the best. He always makes a song knock the way it should.

Slaine (La Coka Nostra)

Matty is the most solid option for independent musicians for the following reasons:

-he has worked with top artists so he knows a lot of secrets and shortcuts
-he is completely professional with no ‘ego’ or ‘attitude’
-his turn around is lightening speed!
-his rates are undeniable & unbeatable for the quality he returns
I’ve had nothing but a great, smooth experience with his work. I definitely recommend and will continue using him for all of my projects!

B. Martin

“Matty has been nothing but a great help to me in bringing the sound of my music to the next level at a very much affordable cost. He’s extremely kind and friendly while very professional at the same time. Every song I’ve sent to him for mixing and mastering has been sent back to me within his ETA sounding no less than top notch. I would recommend Matty Trump’s high quality mixing and mastering services to anyone looking to get the best sound for their dollar.

Just Juice

Matty is one of the best engineers I’ve worked with in my career. Very professional and easy to work with. All his production, mixing and mastering are on point and sound incredible.

Leedz Edutainment

Excellent job, excellent communication and super cool vibe, very talented and professional. Also, he delivered the rough and then the final mix and master in the exact time he committed. He is extraordinary in every aspect, it is a pleasure and a relief to work with this kind of professionals. I would definitely hire him again. 100% recommended.

Mayre Martinez

“Look up “Bad Motherfucker” in your dictionary and you will find a picture of Matty. Better yet, stick a USB with your music on it into said picture and it will come back sounding goddamn magnificent on full-blown epiphanic levels and you will wonder what the hell you ever did before you looked up “bad motherfucker” in the dictionary and had your life changed forever. Amen.”

Akira The Don

I have been producing for 10 years and Matty is working on my upcoming album Programing the Future. Matty is great to work with because he gets tracks back to me quickly and the sound is always quality. I have and would recommend Matty to other producers and artists.’

Scott Dawda

Wow everything sounds amazing!!  Thanks so much, I’m extremely pleased!!  That instrumental is super-dope!!!  Now I can hear everything you did to the music and vocals.  The acapellas are sick!!  Everything!!!  U ROCK!!

Chazz Traxx

Thanks for doing an excellent job! Very flexible, prompt, and easy to work with. Matty really helped give my tracks the final sheen and polish that I was looking for. I look forward to working with him again in the future.


Working with Matty Trump has always been nothing short of spectacular. My music plays a big role in my life, and I wouldn’t trust the hands of anybody else to mix & master my tracks but Matty. If you’re looking for professionalism, along with commercially satisfactory quality, look for Matty Trump!

Tony Tellem

Coming from Iceland there are very few audio engineers around that understand how I want my music to sound and where I’m going with for. Matty has mixed tracks for artists that I listen to on the daily, which means he understands the era of the music I create. The price of one song mixed and master is more than reasonable compared to the skill level of Matty. Matty shows lots of patience and understanding, and  it has never taken him more than a few days to mix a whole song. I recommend Matty Trump to anyone reading this.


Matty did an excellent job mastering one of our songs! We are now hiring him to master the entire album! I have worked with many mastering engineers over the years (BIG names) from all over the world- this is honestly the first time i’ve ever been satisfied after hearing the first version of the master- no revision needed!
Joh L.

Matty did a fantastic job! I am very pleased with how each of the tracks came out. He took the time to figure out my style and work with me to get each of the mixes just right. He was friendly, easy to work with, and put in more effort than past mixing engineers I have used. I would highly recommend!
Cody Slingerland

Super quick and easy to work with, he knew exactly what to without much instruction. Turn around was fast and the one small revision I asked to make was even faster. Spot on sound from a dope engineer

Matty made my song sound how I wanted, and tweaked the mix to custom fit it for me. He’s easy to work with and I’d recommend him to anyone trying to get a good mix.

Im a picky person so I was very surprised when Matty exceeded my expectations, we didn’t even need to do revisions! Will definitely be using Matty again.

Matty is a pro – his mixes speak for themselves. Great turnaround time and very professional sounding mixes. Well worth the money!
James D

Super quick turn around, amazing results, super cheap price, what more could you ask for? Matty is a godsend for indie artists looking for professional mixes/masters.
Ian H

Matty mixed and mastered my second track! And once again he nailed it 🙂 this guy delivers the result on point every time!
Sondre L

Every artist wants that “machine” behind them to be able to help put out quality material as fast and as sonically sound as possible. Matty is that guy!!
John D.

Matty was awesome from start to finish! Easy communication and amazing results with quick turn around. Highly recommended! Would definitely work with again in the future. Cheers Man thanks heaps!
Ash K

This is the real deal. Nothing but quality & promptness and I feel I was delivered more than what I paid. It raises my own bar for future projects which he will also be doing. Can’t overestimate this dude

Matty Trump!, Glad I worked with this gentleman. He met my expectation+more. In short words, he is very good at what he does and great to work with!.

The best kept secret.I can vouch for the others reviews.
This guy is incredible!

Matty is really great and very professional.He made me killer mixes and stem masters, I highly recommend to work with him.