1. Customer Service – Matty’s parents taught him well because he is extremely kind, courteous, respectful, and maintains excellent communication. Also, he is very punctual as well!

2. Focused on the ARTISTS vision – More often than not, many mixers lose sight of why their services were requested and instead, shape the mix to their taste and not what the artist had in mind/intended. This isn’t to say you should always dismiss the mixers input; however, the mix process should be a collaborative effort and not one-sided. Matty understands collaboration and is receptive to the artists vision!

3. The SOUND! – Though the other two mentions are important, the overall SOUND is why most hire an individual to engineer their mix. Listen to any of Matty’s mixes and I know without a doubt you’ll be impressed! He knows how to clean up and enhance your sound so effortlessly!

4. The PRICE! – This is where my mind is blown. Typically, someone of Matty’s caliber charges WAY MORE than he’s asking. When you consider his education, years of experience, client portfolio, software/hardware used, and the speed at which he delivers mixes, it’s clear Matty isn’t doing this just for the money. He is truly passionate about audio production and delivering his very best to the artist.

Thank you again Matty. You already know I’ll be hitting you back with another track in the coming weeks! If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to message me! I am more than willing to answer any questions about my experience with Matty!