I love learning about music, and I find all kinds of great info from different sites around the world. I thought it might be useful to share some, so here is the great list!

http://www.pensadosplace.tv/ -This is the show created by world famous mixing engineer Dave Pensado. He hosts shows with some of the best people in the business as well as shows tips and tricks a must for anyone interested in mixing and mastering.

https://www.gearslutz.com/ – I have a love-hate relationship with this forum. It’s a great place to learn things, but there tends to be quite a bit of bickering. You can always get something out of it though.

https://sonicscoop.com/ – SonicScoop offers tons of great info. Everything from interviews to product reviews, it’s a must for anyone interested in mixing and mastering.

https://www.soundonsound.com/ – Sound on sound is a British magazine that offers everything you would want from an audio magazine. However, my favorite section is the “Inside the Track” column. They have the best engineers in the business break down the mix of some of your favorite songs. I have learned more from this section than any other website.

MMS Mixing Tutorials – Last but not least a shameless plug. This is my site. I post videos every week showing some of my best plugins and tricks.

I hope this list helps you learn more! Please post some of your favorites in the comments below.