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“I started my online mixing and mastering services to help independent artist get that major label sound so their songs can compete with the big boys.” – Matty Trump, (owner and award winning mixing and mastering engineer. )


Over 15 Year of Experience and a Passion for Music.

Hi, I’m Matty and I’ve been mixing and mastering music professionally for over 15 years. I’ve had the pleasure of working with artist such as Kelly Clarkson, Sammy Adams, Fat Joe, A$AP Rocky, Cam Meekins, and many more. I started this company to help artist working in their home studios, get the same radio quality mixes as the artists on the radio. Take a listen to some of our previous work and hear the difference high quality mixing and mastering can make!






Online Mixing and Mastering


Over 15 Year of Experience and a Passion for Music.

Every song that we receive is personally mixed by me and my 2nd engineer Chuck in our state of the art acoustically treated control room. We have almost every plugin ever made as well as some of the best analog gear on the planet!  Combining these two worlds gives us the amazing precision of digital with the warmth and punch that only analog circuits can bring.


Analog Hardware and Digital Precision.

We offer both stereo and stem mastering. The mastering we do here is done with analog compression, Analog EQ, and top of the the line precision plugins. All our mix packages include mastering, but if you already have the mix you love, we can help you finish the project with mastering that compete with anything on the radio!

Online Mixing and Mastering
When it comes to the music industry, Matty is truly one of a kind. He’s genuine, kind, helpful and unbelievably masterful with his craft. His prices and turnaround rates are phenomenal, and I can honestly say he’s one of the best people I’ve met in or out of the industry.
Jake Stap
“Look up “Bad Motherf$#ker” in your dictionary and you will find a picture of Matty. Better yet, stick a USB with your music on it into said picture and it will come back sounding goddamn magnificent on full-blown epiphanic levels and you will wonder what the hell you ever did before you looked up “bad motherf$%ker” in the dictionary and had your life changed forever. Amen.”
Akira The Don
Excellent job, excellent communication and super cool vibe, very talented and professional. Also, he delivered the rough and then the final mix and master in the exact time he committed. He is extraordinary in every aspect, it is a pleasure and a relief to work with this kind of professionals. I would definitely hire him again. 100% recommended.
Mayre Martinez
My music is very personal to me. There are a very small group of people I trust enough to hand the keys over to them. I’ve worked with Matty over a decade now and he is one of the best. He always makes a song knock the way it should.
Slaine (La Coka Nostra)
I’ve been in a lot of studios, but never have I gotten a better online mixing and mastering service than with Matty and his site. This guy is the real deal. He has mixed and mastered all of my LP’s and as an independent label owner, I appreciate the competitive pricing.
Cam Meekins
Matty has been nothing but a great help to me in bringing the sound of my music to the next level at a very much affordable cost. He’s extremely kind and friendly while very professional at the same time. Every song I’ve sent to him for mixing and mastering has been sent back to me within his ETA sounding no less than top notch. I would recommend Matty Trump’s high quality online mixing and mastering services to anyone looking to get the best sound for their dollar.
Just Juice
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